Monday, February 14, 2011

Party Time!

There will be some serious cupcake decorating tonight!
photo credit: Mary Murphy

It's a busy, busy day here in Brooklyn.  My Little Valentine and I are hosting a party this evening!

Our V.I.G.s (Very Important Guests) are some of the most special people we know...
our fellow Single Moms and their Sons.

Oh!  And one very lucky Single Dad and his Daughter.
A fox in the chicken coop?  Hmmmm.... this is going to be interesting....

You know this is a serious party when I break out the fondue pot!
Love, like everything else, tastes better dipped in chocolate...
photo credit: Cooking Light

My wish for you dear, kindred spirits: that you see and celebrate all of the love around you today.  In the moment.  Exactly as it is.


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