Monday, June 13, 2011

Pinch Me!

Just me.
Natural and happy.
I am fresh from a great adventure.  Life handed me a magnificent opportunity and I somehow, magically, divinely was able to step into it with grace...

What can I say?  In a nutshell, America's greatest living designer needed a painter.  And I was available.

Only one caveat (don't you know there's always a caveat?).  It was a "Top Secret" project.  And I am now limited as to what I can "Show and Tell." (Apparently privacy and discretion are paramount to the super-rich, super successful and super powerful.  Can't imagine why.)

That's all OK by me.... I'm an artist, remember?  We are specialists at creatively solving problems and managing loopholes!  "Allegedly..."

So here goes...

"Allegedly" there was a lavish wedding to take place on the grounds of a private estate in Bedford, NY.

A tool shed and maintenance house on the Estate.
Hmmm.... makes me wish I were a handyman.
The vast grounds are "park like" and "private" with both rolling
acres of open land and small nooks of natural enclaves.
Everywhere, the air was perfumed with the scent of blossoms.
The wide open space and blue sky was breath taking.
There were also ponds, a lake, bridges, a brook...
Guest houses, stables, garages...
Oh gosh.
As with all splashy affairs (ie, "movie sets") there are elements of custom made and hand-painted "props" to create the venue and anchor the ambiance.  I can't really show too many decorative pieces that were created, lest I give away a valuable piece of posterity not actually "mine" to show... but I can and will show you a very small, yet poignant piece of the puzzle... ("allegedly" innocuous is best!)

There was a pool.  And a pool house.  And some stone around the pool and pool house that needed to be duplicated in "faux" as "riser" for some decorative urns that would showcase some important flower pieces.

Pool House
Me, at the Pool House.
Am I really here?!
My work space...
My Ride
My set up (before)
Yes, those are bales of hay in the background.
Good thing foresight had me bring Benadryl.
After!  Pool Stone successfully duplicated.
Detail of "pool stone"
Taupe, grey 1, grey 2, grey 3, beige, cream, followed by taupe 2.
(all custom mixed...)
Rolled, Hand-brushed, Sponged, Sponged, Cheeseclothed, Brushed again,
Sponged again, and Cheeseclothed...again.
As I was working it occurred to me the easiest route would've been to use Ralph Lauren's River Rock.  This product is misunderstood and under utilized.  In the right hands it is a fantastic medium.  We adore it!  Amazingly, this product in one or two coats would've had the same effect.

A recent project using Ralph Lauren's River Rock
Hand brushed (cross hatched) over a rolled out coat.
Ralph Lauren's River Rock.  Can you imagine the the irony!  Ooops.  Did I just say that?!  I mean, "allegedly" that's very ironic!  ;)


P.S. - On my private Facebook I made the jokey-announcement to my fabulous friends that I witnessed and photographed many, many things that I am not permitted to publicly disclose... but that if you took me to dinner and liquored me up I would tell and show you "everything."  I had many offers, but one stood out.  Ha!  Love you Melanie!  Off to Barcelona, Spain on a special mission to do just that... and more!  See you on the other side of wonderful...

Monday, June 6, 2011

Sorrow and Tomorrow

"It is possible that a miracle was not something that happened to you, but rather something that didn't."  (Jodi Picoult)

According to legend, even the angels weep.
Sadness, Loss and Sorrow are a part of the human experience.  It's normal, natural and healthy to feel these emotions.  "Endings" and "change" are usually the culprits.

Pain is a sign you are walking through an important passage in life.  Sadness is a sign you were attached.  Fear is a sign that you don't have all the answers.  Listen to your feelings.  They have much to teach.

Every emotion is a gift.  No matter what you are going through, at any moment, please remember you are a part of the great human experience.  Your feelings are an experience.  That's all they are.  An experience.  Be in it... be conscious of it... and flow with it.

Look with clean eyes through your tears and you just might see the miracle.  Ultimately, you are always being taken to the place where you belong.