Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dreams and Visions

When I was a little girl I once saw a rainbow at night...  No one believed me.
Over the years I completely supressed this memory as an actual experience,
and always attributed it to a "dream."  I recently had a dream where I stood
with my little girl self and we witnessed the very same celestial miracle, together.
"I believe you" I said to her.
"I know, that's what I'm counting on" she replied.

(rainbows at night are commonly referred to as "moonbows", they are quite rare)

Lately, I have been experiencing intense night time dreams.  Colors are more vivid, scenarios are more realistic.  I have also been awakening in the morning quite tired, as if I hadn't slept at all.  Residual emotions experienced in these dreams are staying with me for long periods of time.  My psyche is apparently being greatly affected by what is transpiring while I slumber.

These aren't bad dreams, per se, but they are slightly disturbing.  "Disturbing" (for lack of a better word)  because these dreams are more like "experiences" and are quite different than dreams past.  These "experiences" are powerful: they are awakening long-buried memories and changing my perceptions in daily, waking life.  In fact, the line between what is real and what is a dream is getting a little blurry.

The fragments that I can remember are extremely detailed with bold imagery.  Scene after scene, I am digesting enormous amounts of information.  The best way for me to describe it is this: If my brain is an iphone "my apps" are being rapidly updated and installed at night, every night.

On the upside, as a result of this I have had pretty awesome experiences; some psychic (like blurting out information that I have absolutely no business knowing) and some cerebral (I recently skimmed and fully digested a 462 page book within 3 days).

In some dreams I'm getting the chance to revisit childhood memories (as an adult) and spend time with my little girl self.  How cool is that?!  I'm also working and creating interesting things in these dreams.  Or, should I say, un-creating.  You see, I find myself now strangely un-painting rooms.  Yes, "unpainting."  I walk into a gorgeous, finished space and step-by-step, un-paint it layer-by-layer.  These intense dreams are affording me the opportunity to now simultaneously live forward and backwards?  Time isn't linear.  In fact, time doesn't exist.

Flaming June by Lord Frederick Leighton
"Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you." (Marsha Norman)

My body is also being affected.  I am waking up feeling "spent."  Isn't that the opposite of sleep?  I mean, come on... aren't I going to sleep so that my body and mind can rest and rejuvenate?!  Apparently not!

I had one particular dream that something physical happened to me and I woke up with an ache in that exact spot.  Did my subconscious mind build an elaborate scenario to explain or cause the ache it felt while I slept?  Or did something I did in the dream cause my physical body to manifest this pain as a result of the intense reality of the dream?  Maybe it wasn't a dream at all?  Hmmm....

Secondly, I had a few experiences where I remained conscious as I lost consciousness to sleep.  "Falling asleep" is aptly named.  The feeling as if I were falling out of my body, with a downward gravitational pull was so strong it was as if a great magnet were pulling me away.  I felt my entire body go into a deep sleep, and my mind, however relaxed, remained conscious and was only half-way there.  A few minutes later, I felt my body get very dense, heavy.  Something kept tugging at my mind... pulling... pulling... and I let go... zzzzzzz.... 

On the way back, I have also "crash-landed" a few times.  As my body began to wake up, my consciousness remained elsewhere... and bang!  I felt myself awaken with such a jerk, such a force that I swear, the bed trembled.

OK, so these are are normal and explainable patterns of sleep that all human beings will experience at one time or another... but so frequently?  All at once?  

It feels like the entire process of sleep is changing for me.  I have spoken with several close friends, all "creatives"  or "spiritual sensitives" and they too are having similar experiences.  What we have in common with one another is our "open state" and our right-brained leanings.  We all agree: maybe when our energy vibrations are raised (creativity, enlightenment) our higher level of consciousness also shifts during unconscious states?  Meaning, perhaps the dynamics of sleep, dreams and astral experiences also evolve and mature in direct relation to a person's level of spiritual development?

Or, even more interesting, perhaps humanity as a whole is being "upgraded."  Many people believe great shifts in consciousness are happening on Earth right now.  Many awesome things that could be  connected to 2012 and the Mayan calendar.  Some believe it is a time of endings... some believe it is a time of beginnings.  All who study this interconnectedness of the universe agree, something big is going to happen.  Are these sleep and dream experiences "reviews before an ending" or "preparation for a new beginning?"  I don't know.  I guess I'm going to have to sleep on it.

Life is getting richer and more mysterious by the moment...



  1. What interesting experiences. Dreams are such an incredible thing to explore and try to figure out how they fit into your waking life. Seems like you are on some sort of a path.

  2. Hi there, Brenna. Yes, I think you're right... I am on a path... we all are in some way or another. It's been an extraordinary journey. Thanks for dropping by and joining me on it for a bit!

  3. I love this post, it is amazing when you stop and think about life and history and how we are always evolving.
    I found you on SITS!
    Love your blog!