Monday, January 24, 2011

Think Bliss

The artwork that inspired a recent paradigm shift... and a paint project.
Why should your life be anything less than bliss?
Really, why?
What purpose does your unhappiness serve?

On a cold, grey winter afternoon I decided I needed a fun activity to keep myself busy and entertained... something satisfying, without causing too much work for myself....  A small home improvement project... Something whimsical, something fun...

Change is good.  Change is important.  And change is necessary.  You are your rooms.  Yes.  You are.  Look around.  Do you like what you see?  "The house is but the externalized man."  (Frank A. Parsons)  If this room was me... I needed a change.  The room needed a shot of adrenaline.  Fresh air.  Whimsy.  A reason to smile.  Truly.

Hmmmm.... I looked up at the ceiling and pondered my options.

My bedroom "before"

What is it that I was after?  Bliss.  The word popped into my head immediately.  Then, an artist's image came to mind: a glistening, bejeweled homage to the promise of perfect happiness.  An image of a rose in full bloom, radiating stripes of color.  I adore this image so.  What is bliss?  What does bliss feel like?  What does bliss look like?  Guided by the artwork I closed my eyes and experienced "bliss" as hot pink.  I imagined it surrounding me, bathing me in it's glow.  I felt joy.  Wow, I could live with that... I thought.  And so I went with it.

My bedroom "after"

A bold stroke of color changes everything!

Elegant, but plain.... (yawn)

That's hot!

Guess what?  I feel like a new person in this new space.  It's happy and fun.  It's a small thing to paint a ceiling, really.  And it's a big thing, too.  Suddenly, life feels a lot less somber.  White, cream, plain-Jane vanilla ceilings are everywhere... for no particular reason.  Sensible, monochromatic, "safe" colors have their reasons... but not right now and not in my room.  

Every now and then a sweet, candy-kiss of joy bursts through the monotony of every day life.  You can capture that essence in the form of color.  This "essence" reminds me to 1.) be an artist 2.) embrace change 3.) go with your gut 4.) express your vision 5.) take a chance.

Painting a ceiling doesn't require an entirely new color scheme, new bedding, curtains, moving furniture... It could be the biggest little thing you can change.  GO FOR IT!

If this is the path to bliss, I like it already.  Things are looking up.



  1. I absolutely love how this simple change transformed the room! It's so cool to see the before and after pictures. I've got ideas swarming in my head for my own projects! I'm going to keep the ceiling in mind!

  2. I love how this changed your room. I almost did this this weekend, now I'm thinking i have to. Not in pink, but definitely a strong color.

  3. I love it!!! I think sometimes ceilings are sometimes the perfect amount of space for a nice little change.. best wishes!!

  4. Angela,

    I really enjoyed this blog and it reminded me of when I was a little girl. My parents were in the process of picking out paints and patterns. I wanted a bright pink/purple ceiling.....and of course my parents said to my dismay, that was NOT an option, that the ceiling HAD to be a white/ a plain jane blah color.

    So as a little girl, I always questioned "the normal standard" and why things had to be the way what MOST of the masses do and why I couldn't be different?

    But, now I am lucky enough to enjoy the beautifully painted bedroom, and stare at the tranquil blue colored ceiling :o)

    Thank you for doing such an outstanding job and making this into a dream space for Ed and I.



  5. Thanks Karen... I hope that room continues to bring you peace and joy, especially during the gloomy winter months. Here's an idea: let's fulfill our childhood fantasies by painting ALL of the ceilings pink and purple while Ed is in Iraq. I guarantee you he will love it. ;)