Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Debut Practice Post

View from my writing desk

Dear Reader:

It is with a happy heart that I sit here, on my freshly-painted writing desk (tangerine-colored to enhance creativity), typing away on my brand new MacBook, in my new little writing nook.  My desk in front of three large french paneled windows that face south (Feng Shui practices say that this promotes Yang: active, productive energy).

This moment and this space feels magical.  The sunset is to my right, the moonrise is to my left... the sky is a brilliant twilight blue... and the crisp, white snow sparkles on the ground.  In front of me, just outside this second-storey set of windows is an enormous tree.  A strong, tall tree.  Her empty, cascading branches belie the life force that flows within her.  She called me here, to this spot to do my writing, this magical, barren tree.  For despite winter appearances, she knows what she can and will be one day.  

Although I desired to create this blog for a long while now, life just kept getting in the way.  Also, for various reasons (professional, personal and practical), the timing just didn't feel right.  So, to silence the words that just kept flowing, I kept a notebook, a journal, if you will, of writings and musings about life, love, creativity, spirit and insights developed along the merry way... with an eye on the future of maybe sharing it someday.  That day just never seemed to come. For three years.

I have to admit an article of clothing pushed me over the edge.  In a flash of memory I saw clearly a t-shirt I bought for a friend once.  A frustrating procrastinator was he. He never got around to doing anything he said he would do.  At the time it was a light-hearted gift meant to send a serious message.  The shirt simply read: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday, Friday, Saturday... See?  There is no "Someday."  

I will be the first to say, sometimes we just need to take our own advice.  So, the time is right, simply because the time is now.  

I'm not 100% sure what this platform will evolve to be but I hope to achieve this: a connection with you, dear reader.  Three things make for a well-lived life and a well-written blog: our observations, experiences and connections. If my voice connects to one person, across the miles, through the mysterious ethers of the internet, my leap of faith will have been worth it.  May we all somehow, in our own way, "someday" or today, inspire one another to lead richer, more meaningful lives.

Angela Gorini Perrone
aka "DivinePainter"


  1. Angela,

    Thank goodness you have chosen another medium to express your thoughts. Everything you touch is golden, and enjoyable. I already love your painting... attention to detail, and ability to make a space or surface that make most people cringe, and reveal it's full potential. You couldn't do THAT without your eternal hope. So now I look foward to the literary version... and hope your humor and cutting wit shine through.

    Someday, I hope to be as cool as you!

    For now, I'll settle for reading you.


  2. Again today....looked at said 11:11. My wishes better start coming true! BTW I am soooo jealous of your view from your writing desk!

  3. To Edward, my favorite Platonic Plus One: I am deeply touched by your lavish praise... Thank you for setting up my router and all of the other assorted odds and ends you do to keep the Divine Rooms & Co. CEO up and running... You are my hero!

    To Christina, my friend in Florida: Maybe I could visit and we could watch the clock and make wishes together?! 9" of snow here today while you enjoy a warm ocean breeze? No fair! :)

  4. Angela,

    Your writing creates visions in the mind and stirs feelings in the heart and the soul. I'm impressed!
    I love reading your "stories."