Monday, January 31, 2011

Know by heART

A clump of seaweed washes ashore
and delivers a really important message.

Well, this is a very, very important day.

Why?  Because there are three important things I remembered to remember and that I am going to remind you of right now.

These three very simple, yet very profound "memories" have the power to shift every problem, crisis, challenge, doubt, obstacle or issue you are facing in your life.

You already know these things.  Yes, you do.  You just forgot you know.  And remembering these things is going to change your life.  Right here, right now.

Are you ready?  Of course you are!  You're reading this, aren't you?  (Remember this too... there are no coincidences!)

1.) All is well and everything is exactly the way it is supposed to be.

2.) Everything that is happening right now is happening FOR YOU not to you.


3.) You are loved.

Oh yes, especially number 3.  You are loved.  You are very loved.

Do you feel it?  Do you see it?

Look again!

melting snow

garlic clove

paint drop on a pair of jeans
crumpled piece of paper
NYC subway floor
broken bit of seashell
floating in a cup of coffee...
(this photo courtesy of Jenn Danza)
These sweet, surprising hearts pop up all around me, every day, in the most unusual of places.  "Hello," they say... "Here we are!  Remember, you are loved."  And I do remember.  And it makes all the diference.

Who says you never find love while you're looking for it?  Nonsense!  The more you look, the more you'll find, actually!  It takes an open mind and a creative eye... but it's there waiting for you.  It always was.


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  1. Very nice posting. A good reminder of the abundance of love from the spirit world. Great blog Angela.