Friday, July 29, 2011

Black and White

Beautiful girl in the garden. Dear comrade, Lexa Martins

Sometimes life is black and white.  Definitive.  Pure.  The things you know for sure.

It's yes or no.
Stay or go.
This way or that way.
Up or down.
In or out.
Right or wrong.

Lean into the moment.  It is perfect just the way it is.  

It's clarity.
And, although it's concrete, it's also elegant.  And easy.

And refreshing.

When you have clarity, you have security.

Enjoying a golden sunset.
Sag Harbor, NY

I'm embracing black and white these days, against the colorful landscape of life.  A world of absolutes against a world of change.  Balance in a world in transition.  And I love the contrast.  Apparently my friends do too!  These outfits were not planned, mind you.  Spontaneous wardrobe choices on an enchanted summer evening!  A good reminder: great minds think alike.

What's on your mind?  Get Clear.  Be happy.


PS: Synchronicity: there's something called a black moon (or a "chance moon") happening this weekend... It's quite special... and it's right on time.  Thank you for posting this M!

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