Monday, May 30, 2011

Shine On

Metallics in design have long been sought after for their versatility, elegance and glamour.  Need a little drama in a room?  A "shine" or "glow" could do just the trick.

Metallics by nature reflect light, so they look different from every angle... hence their mysterious beauty.  But to welcome this "phenomenon" you must be willing and open minded to experiment.

A stencilled accent wall, angle 1
(Wallovers "Decodence" rendered in copper & gold over olive green)
Same wall, angle 2
(Wallovers "Decodence" rendered in copper & gold over olive green)
I've always said, paint is a great metaphor for life.  What do you have in front of you that looks different from every angle?  I'll bet the true beauty shows best when it's the angle that reflects the most light...



  1. This is gorgeous. Can we put the photo in our new brochure??

  2. Hi Cynthia... of course! I would be honored to be in Wallovers' new brochure! :)