Monday, March 21, 2011

Springing Forward 2011, part 1

What a difference...
...a day makes.
(Small and hearty crocuses in our front yard!)

A special person (Kindred Spirit) in my life is undergoing a complete transformation (upheaval) and experiencing all sorts of wonderful opportunities (crises).  Here's a sampling of our most recent dialogue (therapy session) that I just have to share with you (remind myself):

KS: I am numb, completely numb.
AGP: Have faith.  Just hold on and have faith.
KS: In what?  Nothing is working out.  Nothing is going as planned.  Everything is falling apart.
AGP: Have faith that it's all coming together, it's all going according to plan.  Not YOUR plan.  THE plan.  Divine Design?
KS: I'm trying, I'm trying... it's so hard and it hurts so much.
AGP: The root of all suffering is attachment.  LET GO and let it happen.  Let it unfold!
KS: I know, I know... I have no choice, I'm exhausted.
AGP:  That's why they call it "surrender."  When you are exhausted and have exhausted all means by your desire and your will, then let go and let it be.  I tell you this from experience.  From the experience of heartache and despair, I tell you, just HAVE FAITH.
KS: But faith in WHAT?  What am I believing in?  
(Um, this is a really good question... I think this is the question that pretty much defines the human experience.  And it's one that I've struggled with.  Acutely.)
AGP: Well... I know this: you are a part of the great creation.  So do nothing.  Full steam ahead... doing nothing.  Have faith in the Divine Power.  And walk the path prepared by the very same Force that created the snowflake and the sunflower!
KS: (silence)
AGP: I mean, I think you're in good hands...


Pregnant Pause...

Deep sigh...



The very same Force that created the snowflake and the sunflower.... I think you're in good hands!

Did I really say that?!  Did that come from me?  I love it!

And if I could expand upon that for a moment: remember, no two creations are ever alike.  That's right.  Infinite possibilities.  

Divine Design

Remember, no two are ever alike... and they are all perfect.
Photo by Wilson Bentley

Divine Design
...and again, no two are ever alike.
Photo Credit: Terry Sohl
Happy Spring, my dear readers and Kindred Spirits.  Get ready for the captivating, spectacular production nature has in store for Earth and FOR YOU.

Part 2 tomorrow!


PS: Happy Birthday to my sister, Livia!  Isn't it amazing how a sibling can be the closest thing to "you" and simultaneously the furthest thing away?  Oh right... no two are ever alike... 


  1. Uh, you sounded like HH the dalai lama with that response of yours. Spooky!

  2. Hi Matt... It's contagious! Be careful, you're next!

  3. Loving your blog!! This is another wonderful post, totally agree, its all about Divine Design!

  4. "The very same Force that created the snowflake and the sunflower.... I think you're in good hands!"

    "Did I really say that?! Did that come from me? I love it!"

    Don't you just love when your mouth opens and Divine Inspiration comes pouring out!
    You're a good friend.

    Love the snowflake designs....each one of a kind.

    Happy Birthday to Livia!

    Can't wait for part II.....

  5. Thanks for your kind words on my blog on Friday. I was overwhelmed by all the encouragement.

    You are good to support your friend and believe for them. That's what we have to do sometimes. God is looking out for your KS, even when it isn't felt. You are a good friend!