Thursday, March 31, 2011

Back to the Future?

Profile of our latest project... quite reminiscent of my first!
Three-color sponging technique, strie' mouldings and a colored ceiling.
"The wheel is come full circle."  William Shakespeare

Return to the Start.  Everything old is new again.  Back to the Future.

Am I experiencing a time loop?

Funny.  An amazing thing just happened.  I just re-created my first professional job ever!

Remember sponging?  Well, I started my career because I was a whiz with a sponge.  Here is the first, real job I ever did for a paying client that wasn't a relative!  Circa 1997, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn NY.  (For an more embellished and entertaining narrative of how my business came to be, please read the story I wrote for NY Resident.)


I recently installed a fresh finish for an awesome client inspired by the above project, MY FIRST JOB EVER (did I mention that already?!).  And here I am "reflecting" on how far I have come in 14 years.


This is a sponging variation technique that I have mastered.
It is created with at least 3 colors.
The trick is to always keep a clean, wet sponge near you...
for knocking down the wet color and softening the freckles.
Sponge On, Sponge Off...
What they say about time is turing out to be quite true.

Yes, it does go fast.  And yes, much has changed yet much remains the same.

The wall colors vary slightly from the Alpha to the Omega, but both ceilings are Benjamin Moore's #256.  It's still one of my favorite colors.

#256 is not yellow.  It's not green.  It's Golden Green.  A rich, full-bodied color that is the ultimate neutral.  A little bit of a "surprise," lending a gentle "pop" to a very classic, serious room.  It pushes the envelope ever so slightly... just enough to keep you on your toes.  Gorgeous with red.  Stunning with navy blue.  Lovely with yellows.  Elegant with browns.  And magnificent with creamy whites.

I have to laugh because when I started my career Benjamin Moore did not have names for their colors. Colors were only referred to numerically.  And so things change.  #256 is now referred to as Westwood Tan.

Yet, nothing changes either... and to this day, whenever I show someone these old snapshots of the Carroll Gardens job, everyone ignores my painting and fawns over the fireplace!  You did too, didn't you?!



  1. Guilty as charged! I was scrolling down in anticipation to see how the completed wall blended with the fireplace. haha

    Oh....and it blended well I might add.

  2. Hi Angela! Love your blog. Very informative and creative! Always great to connect with another writer, creative and artist! :)

    ~Melissa, SITS girl
    Reflections on Writing

  3. Have to admit. I too was looking at the fireplace. But I also love the paint technique.